Detox Massage Package


Enjoy the ultimate detox experience and feel full of energy again!

What can you expect from the Detox massage package?

A full body body scrub followed by a body massage with warm herbal oil and steam therapy. Afterwards, a detoxifying herbal paste or lepa is applied to the body and finally the face is also treated with a sandalwood or rose mask.

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Info Detox massage package


single / duo massage

Duration of massage

120 minutes


full body massage

with steam therapy


face mask

including use of wellness facilities


What are the benefits of the Detox massage package?

This detoxifying massage stimulates the blood, skin and lymph system. Good for people who follow a cleansing program, also for people who have stopped smoking. It removes impurities and gives the body a pure glow. Applying an herbal paste or lepa to the body has been used since the beginning of civilization to remedy complaints. These herbal pastes remove waste products, strengthen organs and control body temperature.

Indications / complaints

Autoimmune diseases, MS, CFS, lethargy and muscle weakness, joint pains, digestive problems, as support during a cleansing treatment, ...

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