Anti Stress Arrangement


Inner peace and serenity should be the basis of a prosperous and healthy life. However, the everyday hustle and bustle and stress reduce our energy. Do you often feel tired and have no energy? Do you feel easily prone to illness? Now is the time to de-stress yourself. The aim of this program is to regenerate the body and mind, also ideal for recovering from illness.

What can you expect from the Anti Stress Arrangement?

The harmonizing full oil body massages with personally chosen herbs or essential oils, the scrub massages, the steam baths and the light internal cleansing of the intestinal tract ensures the activation of the body's detoxification mechanism, in a gentle and effective way. This provides renewed energy and a strengthening of the immune system.

Reserveer Anti Stress Arrangement

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Program of the Anti Stress Arrangement

7 days - 6 nights


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Accomodatie & Extra's

Group classes Yoga (optional)
Including use of wellness facilities
6 nights in one of our unique rooms


Full board: breakfast, 6x dinner and 5x lunch (standard included)
Half board: breakfast, 6x dinner or lunch
Breakfast only

Possibility of extra massages or treatments such as a holistic facial treatment that will send you back into the world energized and radiant!

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