Anti Age Facial Facial Care


The anti-age facial reduces the Vata AIR-ETHER elements (dryness), strengthens the connective tissue and strengthens the elastic fibers in the skin.

What can you expect from the Anti Age Facial Facial Care?

The treatment includes an intensive enzymatic peeling with fruit acids from passion flower and mango, a firming massage with a rich warm oil including Musk rose and vitamin A, an ampoule and serum full of active ingredients for an even more optimal result and a Shaping Peel-off mask with algae.

  • A short fragrance experience
  • massaging
  • peeling facial steam cleansing with essential oil
  • foot massage
  • Intensive cleansing with fruit acid peel
  • lifting ampoule
  • lifting serum
  • a firming and cooling alginate mask with arm and hand massage
  • eye cream
  • day or night cream

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Info Anti Age Facial Facial Care


single / duo facial care

Duration of facial care

60 minutes


Facial Care

with steam therapy

including use of wellness facilities


What is the effect of the Anti Age Facial Facial Care?

Anti-Age care is ideal for keeping aging skin vital, youthful and healthy so that it continues to look beautiful. The products from this product line reduce the endogenous breakdown of collagen and strengthen the body's own collagen production.

The products are rich in antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids. In addition, they contain vitamins A, E and C, which are extracted from active sea algae extracts, argan oil and blue grape seed oil.

  • Protects the skin against pollutants from the atmosphere that have a negative effect, such as sun, wind or other external factors.
  • Strengthens the natural skin defenses from the inside and outside.
  • Gives the skin a soft, youthful and vibrant appearance.
  • Brings balance in the inner and outer beauty.
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