Spa & DetoxRetreats

Pamper yourself with our Spa & Detox Retreats. A unique wellness weekend or rather pampering days! Relax, enjoy intensely and let body and mind relax. On the basis of blissful luxurious massages you will be able to let go of all stress and fully enjoy yourself!

1 - 2 DAYS

RELAX Day packages

These day packages are the real pampering days in our Spa & Detox Retreats range. Enjoy it all! Experience this ultimate combination of inner peace, healthy food and vitality! Let your body and mind recover physically and mentally and feel full of energy again!


1 day - (+ possibly 1 night)

This is a day where you can pamper yourself with a relaxing massage and steam therapy and then enjoy the spa & sauna afterwards. The vegetarian lunch and Shirodhara treatment renew your body and mind.



1 day - (+ possibly 1 night)

Taking time for yourself and letting go of all external impressions, leaving the obligations aside. The ideal day to spoil yourself and get to know yourself better. A Day of Healing is the perfect first introduction to Ayurveda.


1 day - 1 night

Stay at the Ayurveda Wellness Hotel and get access to the Golf of Oudenaarde. Stay 1 night in a deluxe room with breakfast buffet. Green fee, golf balls and trolley are included. Golf car, massages, lunch or dinner are optional.

2 - 5 DAYS

RESTORE Weekend and Midweek packages

These restorative arrangements give an innovative meaning to life and provide a visible and tangible rejuvenating effect! Forget your agenda, leave that smartphone on and let yourself immerse and regenerate the Ayurveda way. Yoga and traditional Ayurveda massages are pure sources of energy. Enjoy the relaxation in the Ayuryoga Hotel and the wellness. While keeping the body light and healthy with healthy vegetarian meals.

Take a break


3 days - 2 days

A moment for yourself, to regenerate and to get to know Ayurveda. During this short stay you will also come to a renewed awareness of life and feel the change in body and mind.


5 days - 4 nights

This program includes traditional treatments and an adapted Ayurvedic diet. Focuses on detoxification, weight loss and stimulating the metabolism. A combination of modern nutritional science and traditional Ayurvedic nutrition.

Relax en feelgood days


5 days - 4 nights

This package is a real Healthy Getaway! A must to escape all the daily hustle and bustle with the two of you. Enjoy yoga, massages, nutrition and the environment!

6 + DAYS

REJUVENATE Week packages

Spa & Detox Retreats regenerate the body and organs, they stimulate the immune system and provide an internal stability that helps to prevent fatigue and physical overload. Specific treatments, gentle forms of exercise and nutritional adjustments ensure a long-lasting regeneration of the body.


7 days - 6 nights

This week package offers you the best of both health traditions. Inner peace and balance, more flexibility, strength and vitality - the result of the combination of Yoga with traditional Ayurvedic treatments.


7 days - 6 nights

Inner peace and serenity is the basis of a prosperous and healthy life. Do you often feel tired, exhausted and easily prone to illness? Then it is time to escape from this spiral and de-stress yourself.

Intense detox and weight loss


7 days - 6 nights

This intensive detox program ensures a healthy body and clear mind. By removing waste products, stimulating digestion and the right form of exercise, you will lose weight and your immune system will get a boost.

7 - 10 - 14 or 21 days

PANCHAKARMA Cleansing treatment

The ancient Panchakarma detox cures from India are for cleansing, rejuvenating, healing, relaxing and can serve as a disease prevention. The treatments restore the natural balance. Vitality and the power of the self-healing ability bring you back into balance. Stored toxins loosens and leave the body.

100% Authentic

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