Spa & Sauna Wellness

De spa & sauna wellness is een rustig oord gewijd aan uw welzijn. Het gebruik van het hot whirlpool, belevingsdouche, sauna en stoomcabine wordt aangeboden aan de hotelgasten en bij massages en behandelingen.

Opening hours public wellness

Doorgaans tussen 09:00 – 12:00 en 15:00 – 18:00 uur

Indoor spa en sauna


Spa & Sauna Wellness

Unieke Spa & Sauna Wellness van 130 m² met traditionele toestellen zoals sauna, hammam, douches, belevenisdouche & indoor hot whirlpool bad. Deze wellness kan privé worden afgehuurd tot 8 personen.


Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment

Badkledij is gebruikelijk maar niet verplicht

Own snacks & drinks are not allowed.

Mobile phones, tablets or other accessories are not allowed.

Jewelry is not allowed.

Always keep calm and tranquility.



A blessing for the body

Many people regularly go to the sauna. One goes for pleasure, the other does it for his health. In the sauna the blood circulation of the body is stimulated, in this way the skin and internal organs get a lot of blood and oxygen to process. That gives a real boost! The heating of the body loosens tense muscles and sweating cleans the pores well, making you less susceptible to disease.


Those who have never been to the sauna should definitely give it a try, even those who are not fond of heat. The heat in the sauna cannot be compared at all to the sticky heat of a hot summer day. In the sauna you are not wearing any clothes, so that perspiration does not get a chance to stick to the skin. For a welcome refreshment, you can use our experience shower.

Cleanse, restore body and mind

The hammam offers both physical and mental relaxation, promotes health and, above all, the feeling of well-being. Cleansing the body is the main purpose of the steam room. Unlike the sauna, the hammam is very humid. For example, the steam cabin is primarily relaxing, stimulates blood flow and makes the skin softer.

A steam room can also be useful if you suffer from tired or sore muscles. It improves breathing and temporarily loosens blocked airways.


Severe vascular or heart problems
Hard to control blood pressure
Skin diseases
Illness and / or fever

Experience shower

Wash away all stress

Take a shower in our experience shower where all your senses are stimulated by the light and sound of the tropical rain showers, and let all the stress wash away.

Take the time to enjoy the experience shower and use an aromatic shower gel.

You can experience this sensation in 2 different positions. Namely Cold Breeze and Tropical Rain. One is cold and invigorating. The other is heartwarmingly pleasant.

Unique in terms of design and feel

Een uniek in zijn soort verwarmd inox hot whirlpool met verschillende ligplaatsen en massage jets om optimaal te ontspannen. Voor maximum 4 personen

Wanneer u uitgezweet bent in de sauna en opgewekt bent van de belevenisdouche is het tijd om tot rust te komen in het 35°C verwarmd zwembad. Neem plaats in 1 van de ergonomisch ontworpen ligbanken en geniet van de massage jets.

inox jacuzzi


Spa & Sauna Wellness

Unique garden of approximately 500 m² with a large terrace with seating and two small, smaller terraces with sun beds to enjoy in peace. In the warmer months, a variety of drinks are available.

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