Crystal Chakra Healing Facial


Delicious facial care combination with use of chakra hot stones.

What can you expect from the Crystal Chakra Healing Facial?

The use of chakra hot stones, rose quartz, essential chakra oils, gemstones and singing bowls make this care an energetic boost for the body and mind. The foot massage with hot stones and a chakra massage give the body a warm nurturing and support for a good balance between body, mind & soul.

  • Massage treatment
  • peeling
  • facial steam cleansing with essential oil
  • lifting ampoule
  • lifting serum
  • hot stone foot and facial massage
  • chakra - wellness experience with a rock crystal gemstone and others
  • gemstones related to the 7 main chakras
  • rose quartz gemstone facial massage
  • wellness chakra treatment with aromatherapy, gemstone therapy and
  • singing bowls

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Info Crystal Facial


single / duo facial care

Duration of facial care

90 minutes


Facial Care

with steam therapy

including use of wellness facilities


What is the effect?

This energetic and holistic facial care promotes the self-healing capacity and the energy flow in the body. It is suitable for anyone who experiences a lot of stress, tension and a lot of work pressure. It strengthens the body and mind as the seasons change.

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