Holistic Facial Facial Care


The holistic facial provides deep relaxation and radiant skin.

What can you expect from the Holistic Facial Facial Care?

Based on your skin type and constitution, we use adapted products and essential oils to better balance your skin and your energetic body.

  • A short fragrance experience
  • massage cleaning
  • peeling
  • steam cleaning with essential oil
  • hand massage
  • mask
  • Ayurvedic pressure point massage
  • serum
  • eye compresses
  • day or night care

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Info Holistic Facial Facial Care


single / duo facial care

Duration of facial care

60 minutes


Facial Care

with steam therapy

including use of wellness facilities


What is the effect of the Holistic Facial Facial Care?

Vata facial care: Dry, fine Vata skin needs plump products. These products contain heavier nourishing oils so that the skin retains moisture better, improves the moisture and nutritional balance of the skin and slows down the aging of the skin.

Pitta facial care: Pitta skin needs semi-skimmed products. These products calm and cool the skin and improve the skin's acid mantle.

Kapha facial care: Kapha skin needs products that are lean. These products lightly nourish the skin, regulate sebum production and stimulate circulation. They are also purifying and refine the structure of the pores.

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