Back massage Katiabhyanga


This Ayurveda back massage is given with warm stones and herbal oil. The temperature of the naturally polished (smooth) stones is approximately 45 to 47 degrees.

What can you expect from the Back Massage Kati Abhyanga?

The back is massaged and extra attention is paid to the neck and shoulders. By means of pressure from the hands and the heat of the stones, this type of massage penetrates deep into the muscles and tissues.

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Info Back massage Katiabhyanga


single / duo massage

Duration of massage

45 minutes


back massage & hot stones

without steam therapy

including use of wellness facilities


What are the benefits of the Katiabhyanga Back Massage?

This way it takes away many tensions and ensures a deep relaxation and detoxification of the body. The organs and blood circulation are namely stimulated by the deep thermal effect of the hot stones and the massage.

  • Is very relaxing and is therefore an ideal stress reliever.
  • Contributes to the self-healing capacity of the body.
  • Increases and activates blood flow to the muscle tissue and lymph system.
  • It loosens blockages and reduces and numbs nerve pain. It is therefore suitable for the treatment of stress, muscle tension, fatigue and joint problems.
  • Has a positive effect on the digestive process and has a detoxifying effect.
  • Hormones get more in balance.

Contra - Indications

Not with: Rheumatism, diabetes, varicose veins and skin inflammation, high blood pressure, avoidance of burnout and extreme fatigue.

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