Foot massage Padabhyanga


The classic Indian foot massage is a deeply relaxing foot treatment with warm herbal oil in which the energetic marma pressure points are massaged.

What can you expect from the Padabhyanga Foot Massage?

This is a very relaxing foot treatment for the muscles and legs in the foot. Prior to the massage with herbal oil, a cleansing scrub of the feet is given to make the skin completely soft again. During the massage, a “kansu” or an iron ball is also used. With this ball, pressure and rotations are used to massage to regulate the fire element. This can be used in a calming or stimulating way.

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Info Foot massage Padabhyanga


single / duo massage

Duration of massage

45 minutes


foot massage

without steam therapy

including use of wellness facilities


What are the benefits of the Padabhyanga Foot Massage?

The Indian foot treatment has many good effects. The massage not only reduces tension but also improves circulation. Finally, it regulates digestion and restores the body's self-regulating function.

Indications / complaints

the foot treatment is recommended for stress, fatigue, burnout, poor or slow digestion, ...

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