Oil bath Massage Package Pizhichil


The arrangement is a full body massage in which very large amounts of warm herbal oil are poured over the body in a continuous stream.

What can you expect from the Massage Package Pizhichil?

This process of pouring oil and massaging is repeated several times. It is a very dynamic nourishing and regenerating massage. The word Pizhichil literally comes from Pizhi: squeeze or wring & Chil: synchronous movements.

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Info Oil bath Massage Package Pizhichil


single / duo massage

Duration of massage

60 minutes


full body massage

without steam therapy

lots of massage oil

including use of wellness facilities


Indications / Complaints:

This Kerala massage is highly valued in India for treating muscle aches, rheumatic pain, arthritis, mental agitation, insomnia, depression, sexual problems, high blood pressure, Parkinson's, asthma and similar Vata imbalances.

What are the benefits of the Massage Package Pizhichil?

The pizhichil provides for toning and rejuvenation of the skin and is extremely stress-reducing. Improves blood flow, nourishes the muscles and nervous system. Helps to restore inner balance.

  • supports longevity and prevents premature aging
  • improves a healthy and good appetite
  • let the body become beautiful and shiny
  • strengthens all body tissues and improves potency
  • improves the functioning of all senses
  • very good at treating old fractures
  • improves fitness in the whole body
  • very good for lowering cholesterol and opening blockages in the heart
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