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Nasya or Ayurvedic nasal treatment is the administration of medicinal herbal oil, powder, fresh juice, infusion or herbal infusion through the nose. This treatment is one of the five pancha karmas or cleansing treatments.

What can you expect from the Nasya therapy?

The treatment starts with a dry Indian head massage where the rhythm of the skull is felt and followed. Then follows the head and face massage with warm medicinal herbal oil. The marma points or energetic pressure points on the head and face are also massaged. Then the nose and sinus region is prepared using hot stones and / or a steam bath with herbs.

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Duration of massage

45 minutes


head massage


including use of wellness facilities


What are the benefits of the Nasya therapy?

The nasya therapy cleans and opens the channels of the head so that the brain fluids can flow better. The nasya therapy also improves the activity of the senses and protects against nose, throat, ear and nerve disorders. Finally, it is also a rejuvenation therapy if it is used regularly. It supports the proper and healthy growth of the hair.

Indications / complaints

mental complaints, psychosomatic disorders, stress, respiratory disorders, chronic sinusitis or rhinitis, depression, headache, sleeping problems, CFS, burnout, concentration problems, memory problems, whiplash, ...



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