Body massage Abhyanga


Full body massage with warm medicinal Ayurvedic oil. This is a delicious, relaxing and therapeutic massage. Ensures good circulation of the blood and lymph and reduces the feeling of stress.

What can you expect from the Abhyanga Body Massage?

Abhyanga is the name of the full body massage, where your entire body is massaged with warm, medicinal herbal oil. In this body massage the (nadis) energy channels and the energetic marma points are stimulated, which stimulates the self-healing capacity of body and mind.

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single / duo massage

Duration of massage

60 minutes


body massage

without steam therapy

including use of wellness facilities


What are the benefits of the Abhyanga Body Massage?

Ayurveda body massage is originally intended for healthy people and is therefore part of preventive medicine. However, the Ayurvedic massage also helps to relieve many different complaints and is an important part of a treatment program or as preparation for the Panchakarma cure.

The body massage not only gives a feeling of well-being, but also helps in the healing of many ailments. The warm oil ensures a calm mind and beautiful skin. It provides a young look. The oil nourishes the tissues. Warm oil has an analgesic and strengthening effect on the nervous system.

Indications / complaints

The body massage with warm oil or abhyanga is recommended for nervous disorders, weakness, stress, fears, skin disorders, pain, mental problems, headaches, back pain and other pains, insomnia, joint disorders, muscle disorders.

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