Dreamland Massage


This Dreamland massage package includes a full body massage or Abhyanga of 75 minutes followed by the herbal steam therapy. This is an ideal first introduction to Ayurveda. It is also recommended as a monthly revitalizing massage.

What can you expect from the Dreamland massage package?

Enjoy a blissful massage from head to toe! With this body massage, the energy channels (nadis) and the energetic points (marma points) are stimulated so that the self-healing capacity of body and mind is stimulated. This massage is followed by the swedana or herbal steam therapy. This ensures the removal of the waste products that have come to the surface through the massage.

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Info Dreamland massage package


single / duo massage

Duration of massage

90 minutes


full body massage

with steam therapy

including use of wellness facilities

Benefits & Effect

slows down the aging process
is nourishment for the body
prevents fatigue
stimulates longevity
harmonizes the nervous system
improves sleep quality
improves visibility and functioning of the eyes
is pleasant and relaxing


What are the benefits of the Dreamland massage package?

Ayurveda body massage is originally intended for healthy people and is therefore part of preventive medicine. However, this Ayurvedic massage also helps to heal many different complaints and conditions.

The warm oil ensures a calm mind and beautiful skin. It gives a young look. Nourishes the tissues and has an analgesic and strengthening effect on the nervous system. This massage with steam therapy has a toning effect on the skin, improves circulation and brings mental peace.

Indications / complaints

The body massage with warm oil or abhyanga is recommended for nervous disorders, weakness, stress, fears, skin disorders, pain, mental problems, headaches, back pain and other pains, insomnia, joint disorders, muscle disorders.

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