Shirobhyanga head massage


The Indian head massage with warm medicinal herbal oil and massage of the energetic marma points is extremely beneficial for body and soul.

What can you expect from the Shirobhyanga Head Massage?

The Indian head massage or shirobhyanga starts with a dry massage of the head. The rhythm of the skull is felt and monitored. Tensions in the skull are treated. After this dry massage, a head, face and shoulder massage with pleasantly warm medicinal herbal oil and powder is given. The marma points or energetic points are also massaged. These exert a calming and balancing effect on the whole body and the nervous system.

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Info Head massage Shirobhyanga


single / duo massage

Duration of massage

45 minutes


head massage

without steam therapy

including use of wellness facilities


What are the benefits of the Shirobhyanga Head Massage?

This treatment has many healthy effects on mind and body. It is beneficial for the entire nervous system, nourishing for the hair, hair roots and scalp. It improves memory and prevents hair loss. A beautiful appearance is also created by improving the circulation in the face. This massage promotes sleep and increases oxygen levels in the brain by stimulating the brain fluid.

Indications / complaints

This treatment is recommended for headaches, migraines, depression, sleeping problems, burnout, CFS, stress, psychosomatic disorders, whiplash, mental complaints, ...

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