Herbal Stamp Massage Peanut Sweda


With this cleansing and muscle-strengthening relaxation massage, the entire body is massaged with warm bundles of powdered herbs, leaf herbs or herb rice.

What can you expect from the herbal stamp massage Pinda Sweda?

This relax massage is given with warm herbal stamps (podikizhi). The bundles are mainly made with 12 powdered herbs, rock salt, coconut and lemon juice. The relax massage starts with a warm oil massage or abhyanga. Afterwards, the massage is given with herbal stamps that are warmed in medicinal oil. The entire body is massaged with this. Podikizhi can be performed by one or two people. This treatment is very effective in eliminating waste and balancing the three dosha's (vata, pitta and kapha).

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Info Herbal stamp massage Pinda Sweda


single / duo massage

Duration of massage

90 minutes


herbal stamp massage

without steam therapy

including use of wellness facilities


What are the benefits of the herbal stamp massage Pinda Sweda?

  • improves the superficial blood supply and thus gives a better tone to the skin
  • stimulates the nervous system or nerve endings
  • reduces body aches and strengthens muscles and skin
  • good relaxation techniques and has a stress-reducing effect
  • has detoxifying properties for the skin and removes waste products through the pores of the skin and thus reduces the susceptibility to skin diseases
  • imparts euphoria to body and soul
  • relieves tired and sleeping legs
  • relieves back pain: radiance or sciatica, lumbar spondylosis, arthritis

The podikizhi Pinda Sweda herbal stamp massage is part of the Panchakarma   therapy in Ayurveda.

What are the 3 different types of herbal stamps?

Herbal Stamp with Herbal Rice (Navarakizhi)


Is recommended for general weakness, (muscle) pains, joint problems, such as osteo-arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, insomnia, depression, blockages in the body, circulation disorders. Extremely suitable for skinny people who have poor absorption so that the body cannot be properly nourished. This is also very beneficial and pleasant for older people.

Herbal stamp with leaf herbs (Elakizhi)


Arthritis, sciatica, lumbar spondylosis, radiation complaints in the legs and back pain, muscle aches, chronic back pain, strains and cramps, sports injuries, post-traumatic dysfunctions and neurological disorders.

Herbal Stamp with Powder Herbs (Podikizhi)


Arthritis, paralysis, neuromuscular disease, overweight, obesity, some types of acute pain such as lumbago or sciatica, insomnia, ...

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