What is Panchkarma Detox Treatment?

The age old Panchakarma detox cures from India are to cleanse, rejuvenate, heal, relax and can serve as disease prevention. The treatments restore the natural balance. Vitality and the power of the self-healing power bring your body and mind back into balance. Stored pollution loosens and leaves the body.

What is Panchkarma Detox Treatment?

Panchakarma is a 5000 year old detox treatment that traditionally lasts 21 days. The body is cleaned of deeply rooted waste products. This detoxification cure can be followed as a therapy for all kinds of ailments, to strengthen the immune system or simply to maintain a healthy and strong body.

What can you expect from the Panchakarma detox treatment?

All Panchakarma programs start with a consultation by a specialist therapist. The Panchakarma itself consists of 3 stages.

During the initial preparatory phase, metabolic waste products and toxins are loosened by the massages and the intake of ghee. This will give you significant benefits at this early stage and some previous unpleasant side effects will give way to a feeling of lightness and joy. During the second phase, the loosened waste products and toxins are gently expelled from the body. After which, during the third phase, the body recovers, rebuilds and strengthens the immune system.

The combination of nutritional adjustments, Ayurvedic massages and therapies, the steam treatments and herbal therapies unfold profound harmonizing and healing effects. This ensures recovery from fatigue, sleep disorders, chronic back and joint complaints, inflammatory bowel diseases, autoimmune diseases, more...)

Reserveer Panchakarma Detox Kuur

At the Ayuryoga wellness hotel, the treatments are organized for a period of 7, 10, 14 or 21 days. This depends on the complaints of the patients. Provides recovery from fatigue, sleep disorders, chronic back and joint complaints and inflammatory bowel diseases.

Periodes Panchakarma Detox Kuur

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Program of the Panchakarma Detox Treatment

7 - 10 - 14 or 21 days


Ayurvedic consultation read more
1 - 2 hours of treatments each day
(massages & therapies)

Accomodatie & Extra's

Group classes Yoga (optional, but recommended)
Full board: Healthy breakfast, lunch & dinner (vegetarian)
Including use of wellness facilities
overnight stays in one of our unique rooms during your stay

What 3 stages does the Panchakarma consist of?

The first stage of the detox treatment (the pretreatment or Purva Karma) consists of a number of procedures that prepare the body for the release of stored toxins.

The second stage of the detox treatment (the actual Pancha Karma) focuses on eliminating these toxins. Depending on the complaints of the patients, some of the 5 actions are performed.

The third stage of the detox treatment (the post-treatment or Paschat Karma), are procedures that help the body to strengthen the digestive fire and rejuvenate the body tissues. These post-treatments are aimed at nourishing, strengthening and balancing the purified body tissues. In this way Pancha Karma purifies the body, strengthens the immune system and balances the body.

The result of the Pancha Karma detoxification cure is a purified and balanced body with a strengthened immune system so that the life energy flows better and people feel physically and mentally healthier.

Which 5 actions does the Panchakarma consist of?

Pancha karma literally translated from Sanskrit means five (pancha) actions (karma). It stands for the five primary actions or procedures that Ayurveda uses to cleanse the body of all that is foreign to the body.

These five actions are:

  1. Vamana (vomiting technique): This technique aims to rid the stomach or the first part of the digestive system of toxins. This treatment is not given to people who are too thin or weak.
  2. Virechana (Purging): This technique aims to cleanse the small and large intestines.
  3. Basti (Cleansing and nourishing enemas): With this technique, oil or herbal extracts are introduced into the colon through the rectum. Depending on the liquids and quantity used, this can be nourishing or cleaning.
  4. Nasya: Herbal oils and ghee are introduced through the nose. This treatment can be nourishing or eliminating and is given for various complaints. It has a very positive effect on the forehead and sinuses. This treatment has a cleansing effect on all senses.
  5. Rakta-Mokshana: Treatment that serves to locally cleanse and purify the blood. Is used for bruises and blood impurities.

After the treatments you will experience more mental clarity and a better physical functioning. The program is drawn up for you personally in consultation with the therapist. In general, not all 5 Karmas are given, but only those that apply to the patient in connection with the complaints.

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