Thai Massage Package


This ancient massage is described as a gift for the body (physical), the mind (spiritual) and the feeling (emotional). It is a way of preventing illness, an aid in clearing blockages before they manifest themselves psychically or physically, and for increasing flexibility.

What can you expect from the Thai massage package?

The massage starts at the feet and ends at the head. The patient's body is moved, loosened and stretched. This combination of energetic and physical aspects makes Thai massage unique. The patient's body is brought into various yoga positions during the massage. The movements are very similar to the asanas of yoga and the attention to the pressure points is similar to the nadis from Ayurveda (Indian medicine) and the meridians from Chinese medicine.

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Info Thai massage package


single / duo massage

Duration of massage

90 minutes


body massage

without steam therapy

without oil

including use of wellness facilities


What are the benefits of the Thai massage package?

Limbs are straightened and stretched, the back bent to a smooth curve. The massage aims to harmonize the body, to release blockages, and to remove obstacles in the energy lines.

Indications / complaints

The stretch exercises and the lighter acupressure techniques are recommended for muscle tension, blockages of the vertebrae and energetic blockages. The Thai massage stimulates with a healing touch and the life energy (Prana) is given the opportunity to move freely.

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