Yoga Types & Styles


Yoga comes in many different types & styles. Here you can find the offer of the different Yoga types and styles that are taught at Ayuryoga.

Basic Ashtanga & Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga (Powerful and purifying yoga)


People with basic experience and advanced

People with some physical fitness.

NOT for people with many physical complaints.

What is Basic Ashtanga & what can you expect?

In these classes "total yoga" is taught, a combination of the physical and the mental. Here we work with body postures as well as breathing exercises. With Ashtanga Yoga you twist your body in all kinds of bends. In flow style there are about 72 asanas (body postures) and that is sweating and paying attention. By means of vinyasas and the ujjayi breathing you connect the Ashtanga exercises. The latter heats up the body and expels toxins. By tightening the bandhas you intensify each posture and as soon as the yoga teacher says "dristhi", you focus the gaze.

Ashtanga Yoga is ideal if you like to exert yourself physically. It brings you a strong, flexible and healthy body, inner peace and joy and it makes you self-aware.

The primary series are in principle for everyone, but a number of exercises are quite difficult. That you perform them without stopping also makes it quite intense. The pace is a bit slower in those lessons and requires a lot of attention for technique. Anyone who feels fit can join at any time. In each lesson, beginners and advanced students practice side by side. This is possible as the yoga teacher indicates options for each level.

The dynamics of Ashtanga yoga are very attractive, but modern people soon want to go too fast. A rule of thumb is to drink a lot, before and after the asanas. Ashtanga expels toxins from your body, but can only do so if there is enough moisture to perspire. In addition, dehydration can cause muscle stiffness.

These yoga classes are aimed at people who want to make a physical effort but who also need stress reduction and relaxation of the mind.

Dynamic Hatha Yoga (Dynamic physical yoga)

What is Dynamic Hatha Yoga & what can you expect?

In these lessons the powerful body postures and the flow and the alignment or alignment and precision of the postures come more to the fore and corrections are occasionally given during the lesson. The unity of body (posture) and mind (breath) is central. This is a form of Power Yoga. But then in the yoga school, not in the fitness. Performing it requires a lot of effort and you will use muscles that you did not know existed.

This yoga form is intensive but accessible. The lessons last one hour and are one fluid movement in which intensive stretching and stretching exercises (standing, sitting and lying) alternate. There is also often a back bend and / or inverted posture. Since each pose is a preparation for the other, you stretch deeper and deeper to push your limits.


These yoga classes are aimed at people who mainly want to work on their physical body. For those who wish to build flexibility and strength in combination with correct breathing.


Beginners and advanced

People with some physical fitness.

Kundalini Yoga (Activating Yoga)


Beginners and advanced

People looking for physical, emotional and mental balance.

Also possible for people with physical complaints.

What is Kundalini Yoga & what can you expect?

Each lesson consists of a warm-up, a dynamic set of exercises and a short meditation or chanted mantra. Most postures are easy to perform, the difficulty is to hold the posture for several minutes (depending on your ability).

Each lesson is different because it works around a theme ranging from "set for the kidneys and adrenal glands, to" set to release anger "or" set for a calmer mind ".

It is an easy to learn technology with enormous potential to strengthen the nervous system and allow the glandular system to function optimally. It makes you healthier, more energetic, more able to enjoy life and love yourself and others.

Easy Flow Yoga (Relaxation and meditative yoga)

What is Easy Flow Yoga & what can you expect?

The mind is central in these meditation lessons. It is taught to turn the senses in and there are concentration, meditation and deep relaxation exercises.

Easy Flow Yoga is completely relaxed. As with any yoga style, your posture and your breath form the basis, only the pace is slower. Here you will not encounter complicated poses, but simple stretching and stretching exercises that are good for body and limbs.

If the other classes at Ayuryoga are a bit too difficult for you, be sure to come and have a look. If you are looking for peace in movement, Easy Flow Yoga is ideal. It teaches you to feel good what suits you and even though all exercises are soft, everyone with a need for peace will find deepening during this lesson. You don't get tired of Easy Flow Yoga. You perform a movement, you feel it and then it is quietly relaxed.

The pace of the Easy Flow yoga class is slow. You are active, but the relaxed postures are performed in a controlled manner. It is stretching and the emphasis of the exercises is not on strength and flexibility, but on strengthening muscles, bones and joints. We regularly alternate the easy flow with breathing and relaxation exercises. Do you only want to move in moderation, but are you looking for a way to recharge yourself? Easy Flow Yoga is refueling.

These yoga classes are perfect for people who want to relax mind and body. For those who want to learn to control their thoughts in order to be more confident and powerful in life. The class is ideal for de-stressing and healing injuries and sleeping problems.


Beginners and advanced

People with physical fitness.

Yin -Yang Yoga (alternating between calm and more active yoga)


Beginners and advanced

Also possible for people with physical complaints.

What is Yin - Yang Yoga & what can you expect?

A combination of soft and more active yoga styles for a relaxed body with a powerful center.

In Yin Yang Yoga we combine the calm and gentle approach of yin yoga with the more active styles of yang yoga. The yin exercises have more effect on the connective tissue and the energetic body (meridians, chakras, etc.), while the yang exercises mainly focus on the muscles, structures and strength in our body.

Yin creates more space and relaxation in our body so that we can heal ourselves and become soft. Yang provides tone, strength and stability. The combination of Yin and Yang ensures that we are open and soft and at the same time have a powerful center, so that we can face the challenges in our lives with strength and stability.

The yin aspect of Yin Yang Yoga arose from meridian yoga, yin yoga, pranayama, mudras and meditation. The yang aspect stems from okido yoga, hatha yoga, prajna yoga, asthanga yoga, iyengar yoga and others. Yin Yang Yoga is a style that continuously develops, in search of a balance for body and mind.

The series are open to all ages and you do not need to be experienced in yoga or other forms of bodywork.

Pregnancy Yoga

What is pregnancy yoga & what can you expect?

In these lessons you learn to be healthy pregnant. Pregnancy yoga prepares the body and mind for childbirth, brings you into contact with your body and yourself and finally it takes away any stress and / or tension. All this will certainly benefit you and your child.

Basic ashtanga yoga can be followed during the first trimester and easy flow yoga can be followed up to and including the second trimester. The pregnancy yoga classes can be followed from the beginning to the end of pregnancy!

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